Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on all the things you are thankful for. The entire Dr. Linhart team would like to express its great thanks to all of our wonderful patients. We do what we do because of you! We are extremely lucky to have such a fabulous patient base, and we always look forward to seeing each and every one of you.

We hope you enjoy this holiday with lots of friends, family, and of course food.

After a certain age people shy away from the idea of getting braces. Braces are a very obvious indication that someone is trying to straighten their teeth or correct their bite. While braces can work wonders on someone’s smile, they are very visible. If only there was an invisible alternative to braces. Luckily there are now options for those that want to get that perfect smile without showing everyone they are doing so.

Invisalign and iBraces are both options for those that want to correct their teeth without sporting braces.


Invisalign can help you get the great smile you’ve always wanted because it’s…


Invisible, so no one can tell you’re straightening your teeth. So now you can smile more during treatment as well as after.


Removable, so you can eat and drink what you want while in treatment, plus brushing and flossing are no problem.


Invisalign® allows you to view your own virtual treatment plan before you start so you can see how your straight teeth will look when your treatment is complete.


Comfortable, because it has no metal to cause mouth abrasions during treatment. And no metal and wires usually means you spend less time in our office getting adjustments.


If Invisalign is not an option for you consider iBraces. iBraces are a great solution as they mimic normal bracketed braces, but are not visible on the front of your teeth.

iBraces are custom made to each individual tooth and thus provide better comfort and performance. Your unique prescription as determined by Dr. Rohini Vajaria is built into your iBraces so your teeth move in the most efficient manner possible. The wires are bent to a precise shape using robotic technology to ensure that you get the results you want.

Do you think one of these may be the right choice for you? Come in for an evaluation today!

There are so many benefits to cosmetic dentistry! Read below for some of these benefits and schedule an appointment today to see how we can give you a beautiful, healthy smile.

Discover the Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic dentistry is comprehensive dental care encompassing a number of different treatments such as; Cosmetic fillings, teeth straightening, teeth whitening, Veneers, crowns, bridges and implants.

Cosmetic dentistry can work wonders for your physical and mental health, improve your smile, increase your confidence and bring the dazzle back into your mouth.

Cosmetic fillings can replace old ugly black and silver fillings with new natural coloured fillings. The translucency, shade and texture of your own teeth can be matched producing excellent results.

Teeth straightening is very important to both adults and childrens well being and health as enables the jaw to function correctly and gives back the confidence to smile. It’s important to remember you’re never too old to wear braces and can bring benefits into retirement. Also, at Dr. Linhart’s we offer options such as Invisalign and iBraces to straighten your teeth without all of the noticeable wires.

Teeth can be whitened, lightened + brightened to counter act the effects food, drink + cigarettes. Teeth bleaching + whitening is an efficient and effective way to make teeth look brighter, youthful and more attractive. Dr. Linhart has created the PearlinBrite line to effectively whiten teeth.

Veneers – bond a thin layer of material to your teeth. They can correct the appearance of teeth, cover up cracks, discolorations and fill in gaps. Porcelain crowns or caps – used to cover broken, damaged and heavily filled teeth creating a natural look.

Dental implants are more than just an alternative to dentures and bridges and can be used to replace all your teeth or just a single tooth. Dental implants can make you feel confident about smiling again by providing new teeth that look and feel natural. They also help to prevent the deterioration of the facial structure and preserve the bone.

Dental implants can be a great long term solution to dentures. They can be used to stabilise dentures or replace them. Discover the benefits of cosmetic dentistry, smile, feel happy, uplifted and regain your self confidence.

The entire Dr. Linhart office celebrated the completion of the new, one of a kind VIP dental suite. This suite is a comfortable, private annex of the office in which patients can experience the most luxurious visit a dentist can offer. The VIP suite contains all of the necessary dentistry equipment in a high-end and relaxing environment.

We like to make all our patients feel comfortable, and this private suite will help to do that.

Check out some pictures from our celebration event.

The schedule has now been released for the upcoming NYU College of Dentistry Global Implantology Week, which is offered by the Linhart Continuing Dental Education Program. This is one of the many events that the program offers to help dentists continue to learn new technologies and techniques.

The Linhart Continuing Dental Education Program was in fact established thanks to a gift from Dr. Linhart to NYU a number of years ago. Here is some more information on the creation of this program and Dr. Linhart’s generous involvement in creating it. This article is taken from the NYU site and was published in 2008 when the gift was initially made.

Living the American Dream and Giving Back: A Major Gift from Dr. Jan Linhart, ‘79, Establishes the NYU Linhart Continuing Dental Education Program

Dr. Jan Linhart has lived the American dream. Born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, he emigrated to the US at age 13 with his family, who were fleeing both a communist regime and memories of life under the Nazis. During World War II, Dr. Linhart’’s mother, now in her 90s, whom he calls the “ultimate survivor,” had been imprisoned at Auschwitz; his father, a physician, had been conscripted into military service in Hungary. Once in America, the Linhart family settled in Brooklyn, and Jan Linhart began the kind of upward trajectory that can only happen in America.

After graduating from Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, where he was a biochemistry-Russian double major and an avid hockey, lacrosse, and squash player, he returned to New York to attend the NYU College of Dentistry, from which he graduated in 1979. The following year he married his wife Ellen, who is the Chief Marketing Coordinator for his highly successful practice located in the landmark 1926 Helmsley Building on Park Avenue in Manhattan.

In the early years of the practice, the surroundings were considerably less grand. Just out of dental school, Dr. Linhart began to practice in a small office with one dental chair and no support staff. Over the years, the practice has evolved to become a 4,000 square-foot, top interdisciplinary specialty practice with a large staff, who treat people from all walks of life and from all over the world, including many celebrities.

Since graduating from NYUCD, Dr. Linhart has consistently demonstrated his gratitude to the College for giving him the opportunity to pursue dentistry by supporting the Annual Fund. But it was when his son Zach, now in his second year, decided that he wanted to attend NYUCD, rather than any of the other schools to which he had been accepted, that Dr. Linhart experienced a renewal of his bond with the College. That experience, combined with his passionate belief in the importance of continuing dental education, motivated him to take his philanthropy to a new level, which he did by singing the gift agreement to establish the NYUCD Linhart Continuing Dental Education Program on his 55th birthday.

“I believe strongly that it is not possible to have a quality practice without constantly improving your education. Continuing education is not an option; it’s a necessity.

“Dentistry is changing at exponential speed,” says Dr. Linhart. “Procedures that were inconceivable five years ago are the norm today. Moreover, today’s patients are extremely intelligent, sophisticated, well-read consumers. If a dentist is not staying ahead, his or her practice will suffer. Dentists can use the NYUCD Linhart Continuing Dental Education Program not just to keep up, but to stay in the forefront of advances in the profession.

“Moreover, because my international patients give me a window onto dental care around the world I know first-hand that NYUCD provides fabulous and sophisticated care that is far superior to what is available in other countries. Dentists from all across the globe need and want what NYUCD has to offer. It is therefore extremely important that the program expand globally, both by bringing international dentists to NYUCD for continuing education and by bringing NYUCD to international dentists. NYUCD is doing both, making it a very exciting time to be involved.”

“Jan and Ellen Linhart have demonstrated exemplary commitment to NYUCD,” said Dean Charles N. Bertolami. “Jan’s story, of an immigrant’s successful rise to prominence through higher education, is at the core of the American dream, as is his determination to give something back. By investing in continuing education at NYUCD, the Linharts are keeping the dream alive. We are extremely grateful for their generosity and their faith in NYUCD’s future.”

In addition to Zach, the Linharts have another son, Alexander, an investment banker. The family, including Dr. Linhart’’s mother, live in Purchase, New York.

We would like to send a sincere thanks to the concierge community and specifically those that attended our concierge thank you event January 5th. It has truly been an honor working in tandem over the years, and it’s always a pleasure helping out-of-town patients when they need it the most.

The event was held at our office in mid-town Manhattan and was a fun-filled night. Congratulations to the winners of the raffle! We hope you enjoyed the wine.

Click here for the full gallery of images from this evening.

If you want more information about how we work with the concierge community please feel free to give us a call at 1-212-682-5180 or shoot us an email:

Dr. Jan Linhart, world renowned restorative and aesthetic dentist, has been honored by the Presidential who’s who organization. He has been the official dentist of Miss Universe. Dr. Jan Linhart has been listed as one of America’s top dentists by both Castle Connolly Consumer Guide and the Consumers’ Research Council of America. With his expertise and years of experience, Dr Linhart has helped many patients by providing comprehensive dental care through advanced techniques. Whether it is cosmetic dentistry or restorative dentistry, Dr. Linhart provides one-stop dental perfection and superior quality of dental care.

For those who do not have a perfect smile due to any dental problem, Dr. Jan Linhart can bring their beautiful smile back with full smile makeovers using sophisticated methods like the New York dental implants. Dr. Jan Linhart is not only skilled in aesthetic dentistry, but he is also capable of removing dental related fears and anxieties of patients. He believes in providing compassion along with care and establishing sympathetic doctor-patient relationships.

Dr. Linhart’s clinic has dental specialists from different disciplines such endodontistsperiodontists and orthodontists. Dr. Linhart’s multidisciplinary team is capable of providing advanced treatments ranging from world class dental implants to invisible braces, and from composite resin restorations to patented waterlase laser technique and everything in between.

Dr. Jan Linhart has completed his dental education from New York University College of Dentistry in 1979 and has been awarded the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree. He has been affiliated with Academy of Contemporary Dental Education (ACDE), Academy of General Dentistry, American Dental Association (ADA), New York County Dental Society and American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD).

Due to his expertise in cosmetic and New York City restorative dentistry, Dr. Linhart has pioneered many innovative dental procedures such as PearlinBrite. PearlinBrite is a laser tooth whitening technique developed and used by Dr. Linhart in treating his patients. Apart from cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Linhart is also skilled in porcelain laminate veneers, inlays and outlays, composite resins, bonding, bleaching, gum re-contouring, no-metal crowning as well as root canalling. Dr. Linhart believes in advanced technology and, therefore, invests in state-of-art equipment to provide the most effective treatments even for simple fillings.

Dr. Linhart has treated many patients not only from and within United States, but also from different parts of the world. His commitment to excellence and use of high technology has made him popular not only among patients but also in various magazines such as Vogue and New York Magazine.

We would like to congratulate Lisa Ehrgott for being the winner of our Facebook 100th Like contest! She was randomly selected from the first 100 people who Liked the Dr. Linhart Facebook page, and is the winner of an electric Sonicare toothbrush.

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