This video gallery features some amazing videos about Linhart Dentistry, as well as some high-tech procedures we perform.

Linhart Dentistry: Introduction to the Practice

A three minute introduction to Linhart Dentistry. If you want to quickly know exactly what Dr. Linhart’s dental practice can offer you, then watch this video.

David Letterman: Top Ten

A special edition Top 10 countdown by Late Show host David Letterman about Dr. Jan Linhart, a birthday gift!

A short skit by former Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih about Linhart Dentistry!

Dr. Jan Linhart: World-Renowned Cosmetic Dentist

This full-length video about Dr. Jan Linhart, DDS, will introduce you to his state-of-the-art Park Avenue practice.

#13 E max Crown Using E4D Nevo

This is an all ceramic e.max crown done on tooth #13 from start to finish. Total chair time was approximately 2 hours. The entire crown was made using the E4D Nevo scanner and mill in office using Cad/Cam technology!

E4D NEVO Planscan #4 e max Crown

Same Day Cad/Cam crown done using the E4D NEVO Planscan scanner and mill.

E4D Nevo Planscan Onlay #18

This is the process of making an e.max E4D NEVO onlay for tooth $18. The E4D system allows us to do same day dentistry using the exact same materials we would get through a traditional dental lab!