Registered Dental Hygienist

Marie is a registered dental hygienist, and has been working alongside Dr. Linhart for over 25 years! For more than two decades, Marie has been responsible for helping our patients obtain, and maintain great oral hygiene. Dental visits with Marie are always enjoyable. Marie is also certified in anesthesia, diagnosis, and is always happy to answer any questions about your dental visit.


Registered Dental Hygienist

Patricia is an amazing hygienist, and great part of Linhart Dentistry. With extensive knowledge and 15 years of experience, 7+ years of which have been at Linhart Dentistry, she helps our patients get to, and maintain great periodontal health. She too is certified in anesthesia, diagnosis and a huge asset to our office. Patricia is also fluent in Portuguese.

Angela Dental Hygienist


Registered Dental Hygienist

Angela is a treasured addition to our hygiene team. Her contagious smile and upbeat personality, combined with her best-in-class hygiene skill make her a great hygienist. We know you will love the treatment she provides and care she gives all of her patients!

Front Office


Patient Care Specialist

Since the year 2000, Melanie has been the welcoming face of our state-of-the-art office. Her big smile, warm demeanor, and enthusiastic attitude makes Mel a pleasure to see at the front desk as you enter our office. Mel is always happy to answer any of your questions about our practice, your appointment, cosmetic dentistry, or any aspect of your oral care.


Patient Coordinator

Stephany welcomes and schedules patients, as well as familiarizing new patients with our practice. With a huge smile and an infinitely happy personality, it is Stephany’s responsibility to make each and every patient who enters our office is comfortable. She will help you with all of your need at Linhart Dentistry!

Next time you have a question at checkout, call in to ask about your bill or insurance, or just need to figure out what is next in your treatment, Stephany will be there to assist you and guide you on your dental journey.


Office Manager

Sherry is our office manager who has been with our office for years. She is an essential part of the Linhart Dental team. Sherry creates the new patient experience from welcoming you to our practice, to preparing and discussing patients’ treatment plans including implants, veneers, complex treatment cases and Invisalign™. Sherry is very creative in finding a way to make your desired or needed dental care obtainable. She makes sure the day-to-day routine of our office runs smoothly and efficiently. She makes sure every patient’s expectations are fulfilled, and all questions answered.


Specialist Coordinator

Dina is a great resource for scheduling and insurance considerations. Overseeing the multiple specialists in our practice, she coordinates care between our doctors, our patients and insurance companies. Dina is able to juggle the side of our office that has our Periodontist, Orthodontist, and Endodontist. Linhart Dentistry and our patients rely on Dina for her skill and knowledge. Dina is fluent in Russian.


Financial Coordinator

Gilbert is our insurance and billing expert. He assists our patients with their insurance and billing questions. Whether you have a question about filing your insurance, the difference between co-pay and deducible, Gilbert has all the answers. Gilbert makes sure that your dental insurance, whether Delta, Aetna, MetLife, United Healthcare, Cigna or any other, is maximized to its fullest. Gilbert is fluent in Tagalog.



Geraldine has been Dr. Jan Linhart’s head dental assistant for over 25 years! She leads a group of skilled dental assistants that allow Dr. Jan Linhart and Dr. Zachary E. Linhart to perform their dentistry seamlessly. Procedures like tooth colored fillings, veneers, implants, and crowns require extreme precision. Our dental assistants are critical in making this happen. Geraldine, was a dentist in her native Philippines, and bring those skills to her assisting. Her warms smile and soft touch put our patient’s at ease. Geraldine is fluent in Tagalog.


Cecile is one of our lovely dental assistants who aids all of the dental professionals in our office. For over 20 years, she has been assisting the dentists at Linhart Dentistry. She is chairside to ensure procedures are performed in a smooth and timely fashion. Her experience has made her indispensable to the office. Cecile is also our PearlinBrite® laser whitening specialist in the office. She was a dentist in her native Philippines and is fluent in Tagalog.


Dr. Zachary Linhart’s primary dental assistant, Mina is smart and passionate. She will gladly answer any questions about your care, or happily chat about your day. Mina will make your visit enjoyable, and most importantly, pain-free! Mina was also a dentist in her native Philippines and is fluent in her native tongue Tagalog.



With over 10 years in the office, Angie is calm and caring. As a practicing dentist in the Philippines, she learned how to care for patients in the best possible way. Angie assists all of our eminent specialists in our office with precision and strict attention to detail. Dr. Nancy Kim, our periodontist, Dr. David Jacobson, our endodontist, and Dr. Courtney Schiefelbein, our orthodontist count on Angie for knowledge and skill. Angie’s native tongue is Tagalog.


Joining Linhart Dentistry after spending over 25 years working with Dr. Michael Preston, Scherrie came to our practice with Dr. Preston and has become indispensable to Linhart Dentistry. She is caring and nurturing, and brings years of knowledge with her, as well as her gentle patient care.