If Invisalign is not an option for you, Dr. Linhart offers an alternative to conventional braces, and it’s one that is sure to make you smile.

Invisible braces are a great solution as they work like normal bracketed braces, but are not visible on the front side of your teeth.

In order to guarantee optimum comfort, and efficient performance, iBraces are custom made to each individual tooth. Your unique prescription, as determined by our orthodontist, is built into your iBraces. The wires are bent and shaped using robotic technology; this method is sure to produce the desired outcome because the wires are programmed for you specific treatment plan.

Who can wear iBraces ?

Most adults and adolescents who have their permanent teeth should be able to wear iBraces; however, Dr. Linhart and our Board Certified Orthodontist will recommend the best solution specific to your individual needs.

What do iBraces look like?

iBraces have a unique design. The bracket bases are contoured to hug the lingual (or tongue-side) surfaces of your teeth. This perfect fit provides the most comfort, and it yields the best results. Also, because iBraces have a very low profile, they don’t interfere with your speech.

What makes iBraces so different?

iBraces offer individualized, specific results for each patient. We use the latest CAD/CAM, rapid prototyping and robotic technologies to fabricate each bracket and wire, making them completely unique to your teeth.

iBraces are the only orthodontic braces that are 100% customizable.

How long does treatment take with iBraces?

iBraces are one of the quickest and most efficient orthodontic technologies, however each patient is different. The dentist will accurately predict how long your treatment will take.

Will iBraces cost more than regular braces?

iBraces require exceptional detail and highly personalized care; therefore, they cost a bit more than conventional braces. Still, the cost varies from patient to patient depending on your specific treatment, determined by the dentist..