Also known as DIY, it has become a hot subject in the health field. After all, with healthcare costs rising, increased waiting times for Doctors and a generalized disgust with the entire system, the urge to just “do it yourself” can be enticing. However, DIY medicine comes with a slew of risks and dangers that you may want to avoid at all costs!

There are plenty of companies willing to take your money and help you out.

Do it yourself anti-depression treatment, hair regrowth, anti-snoring, arthritis remedies, headache relief, teeth whitening, and even teeth straightening systems are available.

Do it yourself therapies pander to our society’s urge for immediate gratification and cost savings. Why go to a Doctor when you can do a search on the internet and get the DIY product delivered to your door in a day, and for ½ the cost?

Yet, we know that immediate gratification can come at a cost that time not money can account for. Often, this cost is not realized until years down the road.

It’s estimated that up to 20% of people who use DIY products can actually be harmed by them. Part of that computation takes into consideration the fact that people who diagnose themselves incorrectly and use a DIY product, might be deferring effective treatments and could lead to significant worsening of the underlying disease.

And where’s the FDA and protection from the government?

Take the anti-snoring product, which rhymes with Zipper and is being heavily promoted by a Soprano’s sounding character all over the radio. While this product might, in fact, reduce or even eliminate snoring in some people, it can actually mask underlying, life-threatening problems such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) or Central Sleep Apnea (CSA).

It’s estimated that 50% of people who snore have some significant underlying and perhaps even life threatening problem, such as Sleep Apnea. And yes, Sleep Apnea can lead to DEATH. And an at-home appliance may mask the symptoms associated with Sleep Apnea.

And what about the significant potential for TMJ problems and teeth shifting that are common with any improperly fitted and monitored DIY mouth device?

You see, snoring is a symptom. And, most DIY products are aimed at relieving a symptom, not the underlying issue.

What you should always ask, as we at Linhart Dentistry do, is: What’s causing the symptom? It sounds logical; find out what’s causing the symptom and treat the underlying cause first. Then, the symptom will disappear. Sounds like common sense!

But, as the great Benjamin Franklin said; “common sense is very UNcommon!”

Our healthcare system is guilty of treating symptoms rather than discovering and resolving causes. It’s the basis behind all the pop-up clinics and “Doc-in-the-box” Emergency clinics so ubiquitous today.

Linhart Dentistry is bucking this trend. We believe that uncovering causes, while perhaps taking more time and even costing a bit more up front, yields more predictable, sustainable and less costly care in the long run. We believe that health is a marathon, not a sprint.

So why aren’t others following Linhart Dentistry’s lead? The answer to most of these questions is; Follow The Money!

There’s more money in treatment than there is in thinking and diagnosing causes. Thinking and diagnosing takes time! It’s just a matter of economics.

But we’ve always believed in the philosophy of ‘putting your money where your mouth is’. We think our investment in technologies and taking the time to help diagnose underlying causes is well worth the effort…in the long run…FOR YOU.

So the next time you see an at-home treatment for snoring, teeth-straightening with invisible aligners, whitening, or arthritis, ask your qualified health care professional what the RIGHT treatment is for you!