In-office tooth whitening is, with little questions, the most effective and quickest form of tooth whitening available to the general public.  In-office whitening usually involves applying hydrogen peroxide gel to the teeth, and then increasing their effects by activating them with light and/or lasers.

PearlinBrite Laser Whitening

PearlinBrite Laser whitening, developed by Dr. Jan Linhart, DDS, uses different percentage Hydrogen Peroxide gels, specially formulated by our own chemist, to obtain the maximum effect.  Freshness and quality of the gel is extremely important to achieve maximum whitening effect.  After the gel is applied, it is activated by two different lasers in order to increase oxidation.  This procedure was created by Dr. Linhart, from his 30 years of experience in the dental profession.

Other In-Office Options

Other in-office whitening systems, such as Zoom(R) and BriteSmile(R), also use gels and lights in the dental office to achieve whitening.

Time Requirements

In-office tooth whitening usually takes between 1-3 hours, and can significantly increase the brightness and whiteness of your teeth.

Post-Treatment Maintenance

Usually, in-office whitening is followed by at home gel applications in custom trays, which is used to touch-up and enhance the effects of the in-office system.

Our next post will talk about these at-home whitening systems, and talk about the negative effects whitening may have.