Nowadays, with so many alternatives to traditional braces–such
as Invisalign or porcelain veneers–orthodontic patients have a
wide range of options to fit their individual needs. While traditional braces are effective and still widely used by orthodontists
to correct misaligned teeth, newer technologies have made some orthodontic
treatments faster, more comfortable, and more aesthetically pleasing.

iBraces are one such treatment that have grown
in popularity among patients because they offer an efficient, virtually
invisible alternative to conventional braces. iBraces work very similarly to
traditional braces, using brackets and wires to straighten teeth, but they are
the only orthodontic braces that are 100% customizable. What sets iBraces apart
as a truly unique and individualized orthodontic solution?

The iBraces Difference

iBraces are not visible on the front side of your teeth.
Instead, each bracket is anchored to the back of each individual tooth. The
brackets are smaller than those used in traditional braces, so they don’t
interfere with speech, and they are contoured to perfectly hug the lingual
(tongue-side) surfaces of your teeth. While this makes more comfortable
conventional braces, it isn’t the only thing that makes iBraces unique.

The secret to iBraces is the fact that each brackets is made specifically to each individual tooth.
This not only ensures maximum comfort and efficiency, but makes for a
completely customized set of braces that is tailored to provide the ideal amount
of corrective movement your teeth need. The iWires that connect each bracket
and are tightened to straighten teeth are shaped using robotic technology. This
ensures that the wires are “programmed” for your specific treatment plan,
allowing them to produce the best outcome.

iBraces are quicker than regular braces, though the specificity
of iBraces prescriptions means that the length of treatment varies from patient
to patient. Regardless, if you and your orthodontist determine iBraces are
right for you, you can expect to be finished with your treatment faster than if
you had gone with traditional braces.

iBraces with Doctors Linhart & Mathrani

At Linhart Dentistry, Dr.
Rohini Mathrani
is an exceptionally skilled orthodontist and our
iBraces specialist. iBraces is typically a viable option for most adults and
adolescents who have their permanent teeth, but if you have any special
circumstances. Dr. Mathrani can recommend the best solution for you. to learn
more about iBraces and other orthodontic treatments, contact
Linhart Dentistry
today to schedule an appointment.