Do It Yourself (DIY) has become all the rage, especially in healthcare. WebMD has become more trusted than the local physician. And soon, you’ll be able to go to a pharmacy and get all sorts of medical and dental help. Oops, that’s already the case!

As you may have heard, Smile Direct Club, which offers at-home clear tray tooth alignment services, will be coming to hundreds of CVS pharmacies around the country. Increased access? Yes. Safe? No.


Clear Aligners

At Linhart Dentistry, we have a Board Certified Orthodontist who performs Invisalign, all done under strict supervision.

Of course, Do It Yourself often means that if something doesn’t work, you’re going to have to Fix It Yourself (FIY) too. Often, that’s because you’ll feel embarrassed to bring the issue to a real doctor for fear of them chastising or mocking you for doing something so stupid.

So there’s another raging trend, FIY after you’ve tried DIY.

We realize that there’s an almost irresistible urge to do something that seems expedient, inexpensive and innocuous, such as simply moving your teeth into alignment.

However with most medical and dental DIY schemes, the consequences of not using a DIY solution properly or delaying proper treatment effects your most valuable possession, your health.

We’re like you and love saving money. And frankly, there are some areas where DIY can work. Taking meticulous care of your teeth and gums is a DIY system that dentistry has promoted for decades. Brushing, flossing, and other treatments prescribed by your dentist and hygienist are essential for health. And they work!

But saving money on your groceries is very different than skimping on your health.

So when you see a NYC Subway ad for at-home braces, or a billboard touting the next miracle weight loss cure, it may be a good idea to visit your healthcare provider before diving in. There are many reasons that these procedures have traditionally been prescribed and administered by licensed professionals.

The barber-dentist-surgeon, for better, is a thing of the past!

The take away here is; if you’re thinking about using a dental DIY product or scheme, ask us first. And, if you have used one and it hasn’t worked or worse, it made things worse, don’t try to FIY.

We’re here and happy to help you.  And, we might even recommend a DIY solution if we think it’s appropriate.

– The Linhart Dentistry Team