President Obama’s most recent push to reform healthcare in the USA is the talk of the country.  At dinner tables, casual encounters, and town-halls nationwide, Americans are discussion how this healthcare bill, if passed, would effect the country.

In terms of dental care, this bill could be tragic to the current system in this country.  Today, dental care is one of the last free market medical professions left.  In NYC for example, you can find dentists charging from $20 for a filling to $500 for a filling, and both of them have patients that are more than willing to pay the costs.  That is because people are willing to pay for the best service, and other people, who can’t afford it, can get a procedure done, but not the same standards.

Buying a car is a fine example of the same system at play.  You can buy a $100,000 BMW, or you can buy a $15,000 Honda.  Both will get you around, but they have different standards.

Now if the government gets involved, they would take all of the free market influence away from the professionals, and give the control to the government.  Lawmakers would be setting dental fees, standards of care, etc.  Thus, all fillings would be, say $100.  Yes, everyone would have access, but all in all the quality of the work would decrease because THERE WOULD BE NO INCENTIVE!

Incentive is essential to the best care.  Doctors and dentist alike will provide the best service if they have incentive to do so.  Government run health care is not the way to go in America, not only because the cost would be prohibitive, but also because the quality of care would decrease drastically.

America has the best healthcare in the world, no matter what the politicians tell you.  People flock to America when they need the best medical and dental treatment. LETS KEEP IT THAT WAY.

These views are solely those of Zachary Linhart and in no way reflect the views of Dr. Linhart, his staff, his office, or any of his affiliates.