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The White Stuff
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Ask any dentist how to get your teeth as white as can be, and she will probably not recommend a tube of toothpaste but prescribe a treatment. Jan Linhart, D.D.S., a New York City-based restorative cosmetic dentist, suggests that patients who want whiter teeth consider these options: porcelain veneers, custom made coverings that also close spaces and cover chips (about $1,000 per tooth); laser whitening, or power. bleaching, an in-office treatment in which a laser activates a bleach solution (about $200 per visit; can take up to four visits); or a less expensive dentist-supervised at-home bleaching system (about $400).

OOne such system is Nite White. To use it, you fill a plastic tray, made from a mold of your teeth, with a bleach solution and wear it nightly for up to two weeks. While many complain of tooth sensitivity during treatment and of the solution's sour taste, the'system is easy to use and whitens teeth several shades within days.