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Hidden Gems

Who was it that said the nicest thing you can wear is a smile? It must have been Dr. Jan Linhart (230 Park Ave., at E. 46th St., Ste. 1164, 682-5180), who has perfected the art of the smile makeover. Dr. Linhart uses the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques to create smiles that make people say, 'Wow!".

"Improving someone's smile can change their appearance dramatically, making them look healthier, happier and younger," says Dr. Linhart. With advances in cosmetic dentistry, you can have a fabulous smile in just one or two visits. Porcelain veneers and Dr. Linhart's trademarked laser whitening system, PearlinBrite‚, bring beautiful, completely natural-looking results. With his unassuming demeanor, you'd never know his practice attracts an international clientele and celebrities. His staff of specialists offers afull range of dental services, including orthodontics (check out the new invisible braces), tooth implants, and the latest treatments for periodontal disease. Patients benefit from exceptional care in an elegant and serene setting.