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Dr. Ro Vajaria (Orthodontist)

Dr. Ro Vajaria (Orthodontist)

Many restorative dental procedures are not possible without orthodontic treatment, or the movement of teeth and fixing of occlusion. Dr. Linhart provides the utmost in restorative dental care and thus employs Dr. Ro, DDS, a board certified orthodontist with years of experience to work with him to create straight, beautiful teeth.

One of the orthodontic procedures offered in Dr. Linhart's New York City office is Invisalign. Visit Dr. Linhart's Invisalign site here. Invisalign can help you get the great smile you've always wanted because it's...

Getting started with treatment couldn't be easier...
In fact, you can be on your way to straighter teeth and a beautiful smile within weeks of visiting our Manhattan office. Please see the six easy steps for Invisalign treatment below.

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