Pearlin Brite

PearlinBrite Laser Tooth Whitening

Manhattan Laser Tooth Whitening

Dr. Linhart's practice in New York City whitens teeth by using specially formulated gels requiring activation from two lasers.

While individual patients respond differently, depending upon the degree of previous staining, patients can expect a 9-10 shade-changes in just one visit. PearlinBrite® takes approximately two hours; the advantages over other tooth whitening procedures are numerous.

What are the benefits of PearlinBrite® Laser Tooth Whitening?

How does PearlinBrite® tooth whitening work?

All whitening systems use peroxides to bleach the teeth. Current laser whitening systems utilize hydrogen peroxide and laser energy to excite the hydrogen peroxide into a higher energy state which expels, or kicks off, the free radical oxygen; this, in turn, attacks the organic molecule which constitutes the stain. PearlinBrite® uses proprietary technology, whereby the laser energy strikes what is called Energy Transfer Crystals (ETC). ETC's absorb the laser energy and transfers it on a molecular level to the hydrogen peroxide molecule, exciting it and producing the free radical oxygen.

When Dr. Linhart performs PearlinBrite® the gel, comprised of a predetermined percentage of hydrogen peroxide, is applied to the teeth, and each tooth is then exposed to the laser for 30 seconds. After a three minute wait, the gel is suctioned off and a second coat is applied. This procedure is repeated several times. After the last application, the patient is given a fluoride treatment.

What makes PearlinBrite® unique?

Dr. Linhart has specifically utilized two different lasers and three different laser-specific gels to get the optimum result in laser whitening systems. The system has been attributed to almost 100% tooth whitening success in the majority of cases leaving Dr. Linhart's Manhattan office.

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